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We turn ideas into action

Our main goal ... is music,

this does not mean, however, that we do not operate on other levels.

We try to act in many ways, because this is what brings results.

Concerts, music workshops, auctions and new challenges help us achieve our goals

and benefit those who use our services and assistance.

We will continue to look for planes in which we can be for you ...


We have already organized many concerts, especially many in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Music Festival.

We implemented the program subsidized by the Marshal's Office in Wrocław by organizing great concerts with the participation of outstanding artists.

Despite the short existence of the Foundation, we already have considerable achievements in the field of popularizing musical culture.


Music workshops are meetings that both children and their parents are longing for.

During the meetings in their age groups, children were keenly interested in instruments, their sound and what can be heard using the instrument.

The organization of the workshops was possible thanks to the availability of the room by the Kłodzko hotel (previously called Metro View) in Kłodzko.

The workshops are organized free of charge.


In order to raise funds, first of all, for music workshops, we organized an auction of the watercolors by artist Zuzanna Wochniak, donated to us for this purpose.

All of them sold well and we were able to donate the funds raised to purchase musical instruments for children.

We hope that we will be able to invite our little ones again soon.

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