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The seat of the Foundation is the town of Mikowice

right next to Kłodzko (Kłodzko Valley, Lower Silesia Province),

however, due to the renovation of the foundation's building, we temporarily use the address

Hotel Kłodzko.

The renovation is very large and cost-intensive, the funds raised for this purpose are not so large,

so I think we will "live" a little longer at the hotel address.

It certainly does not interfere with our activities

- concerts, open-air workshops and workshops, as well as charity events

we always organize in other - intended for these purposes - places.

The most important thing is the "heart of the foundation" and the effects of activities.

Agnieszka Mitura, Pałac w Henrykowie

Strauss Gala Foundation

Mikowice 3

57-300 Kłodzko

correspondence address

Boguszyn 79b

57-300 Kłodzko

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