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Pastel on cardboard, dimensions 70 x 90; 2022



Zdzisław Bazylewicz (graphic designer, painter, sculptor) was born in 1952 in Stalowa Wola. He graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Jarosław in 1974. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice, in the years 1974-1978 in the painting studio of professors: Andrzej Kowalski and Maciej Bieniasz, and in the flat printing and lithography studio of prof. Stanisław Gawron. He specialized in book graphic design in the studio of prof. Stanisław Kluska. He received his diploma in 1979.

Zdzisław Bazylewicz, after graduation, associated with Sandomierz, served as vice-president in the local ZPAP district. In 1984, he settled permanently in Zielona Góra, where he works creatively, also serving as vice-president of the local ZPAP District.

He is the author of, among others:

  • sculptures on the German and Polish sides on the border bridge in Gubinek;
  • co-author (together with his wife Grażyna) of the bas-relief-triptych dedicated to John Paul II, located in the Educational Complex on the estate Pomorskie in Zielona Góra;
  • graphic design of the coat of arms of the Lubuskie Voivodeship;
  • contractor (together with visual artist Czesław Fojcik) of architectural painting in Munich, Essen and Frankfurt am Main;
  • the creator of the bas-relief plaque "Im Memoriam" placed at the foot of Lhotse in the Himalayas, dedicated to the memory of Jerzy Kukuczka, Rafał Chołda and Czesław Jakil;
  • the author of many artistic solutions in residential and public interiors.

Zdzisław Bazylewicz participates in plein-airs in the country and abroad, often being their organizer. The artist's works are in the collection of BWA in Sandomierz and in private collections in Poland, Germany, Canada and France.


Zdzislaw Bazylewicz on horseback

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